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Soak in the power of God's redemption and grace as Pastor Lionel shares a lesson titled "Them keys and that rock" about how Jesus' redemptive power and amazing grace restored Peter to become a trusted pillar to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven. This lesson can also be found in Pastor Lionel's book "Grace that Availeth Much."


Rooftop Healing

Ecclesiastes 7:8 says, "The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride." Be inspired as Pastor Lionel shares a moment during his college years that changed his life.


The out pouring of God's grace isn't selective, for His grace is available to all regardless of their past. 


The “F” word

Tune into this powerful Podcast as Pastor Lionel talks about the "F" word and the power it holds.


Everyone at some point will experience the uncertainties of life. However, God promises that He will never leave or forsake us. In this we can put our full faith and trust. - Pastor Lionel    www.lionelsneedministries.com


Jesus does not look at who we are or the mistakes we've made. Just as Jesus chose the twelve apostles in Luke 6:12-16 without judgement, so has He chosen you and I to step into our true identity in Christ. Now, aggressively receive His grace today simply because of what Jesus did on the cross. – Pastor Lionel  www.lionelsneedministries.com